Exam Accommodations

Exam Accommodations

An exam accommodation refers to any approved accommodations which relate to the way a student takes his/her exam. This includes but is not limited to: extended time on exams, a reduced distraction testing location, use of scribe/readers, and use of assistive technology during an exam. ODS defines an exam as any quiz, test, or final for a course.

All students wishing to utilize exam accommodations need to be registered with the ODS, and have requested their Letter of Accommodations.

For each course the student would like to utilize their exam accommodations, they must meet with the professor privately to:

  • Submit their Letter of Accommodations.
  • Discuss all exam accommodations for the entire semester.
  • Leave the meeting with an understanding of whether the professor will administer your exams or ODS Exam Services will administer your exams.

Guidelines for Exam Accommodations: