Support for Students With Disabilities

Why do you need this?

Federal legislation mandates that the University provide reasonable accommodations that afford equal opportunity for all students. Achieving reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities involves shared responsibility among the students, faculty, and staff. These pages are designed to serve (1) as an introductory overview of disabilities that affect learning in a college or university setting and (2) as a quick reference for the various adjustments that can be made to accommodate students with disabilities. Generally speaking each student with a disability will have a different level of functioning even within the same disability category. Compensation skills will also vary from one student to another and in the same student across time. Consequently, while the information presented in this website can be used as a general guide, specific knowledge of a student’s needs should come to you via a Letter of Accommodation prepared by the Office of Disability Services (ODS) office and discussed with you by the student.

In this section, you will find information for faculty on the following: