Health & Wellness

Mental Health Resources

Rutgers currently has two options on campus for counseling services:

Counseling, Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP)

In addition, there are two virtual options available to students:

Uwill is a mental health and wellness virtual solution for colleges and students. Uwill offers students free immediate access to teletherapy through its easy-to-use online platform.
Students can choose a therapist based on their preferences, including issue(s), gender, language, and ethnicity.
Students select a time that fits their schedule with day, night, and weekend availability.
Access is quick and easy. Students register and book their first session using their Rutgers email.
Uwill is private, secure, and confidential.
TogetherAll is a free peer-to-peer mental health support community.
TogetherAll offers a 24/7 online community dedicated to mental health and well-being.
Licensed and registered mental health practitioners monitor the community to ensure the safety and anonymity of all members.

Health Services and Insurance

Students can access medical services at any of the 3 health centers located throughout the New Brunswick campus.

Student Health Insurance Information

Accessible Recreation

Rutgers Recreation supports the health and well being of all students and offers multiple accessible opportunities in the following areas:


Outdoor Recreation


Substance use and Recovery

Rutgers has multiple resources for students struggling with their own substance use or that of a friend or family member.

The Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), a part of CAPS, provides counseling and information for students who are concerned about their drinking or use of other drugs, or those of a friend or family member. ADAP is available for all enrolled students.

The Wellness in Recovery program is offered through the Center for Alcohol Studies and is committed to bringing people in recovery, families, and peer support providers the education, resources, tools and opportunities to enhance wellness.