AFT and Other Accommodations

Alternate Format Text Services

Welcome to the Alternate Format Text (AFT) page. AFT is the term applied to course materials such as textbooks, electronic documents, exams and other print materials which students with print disabilities need converted into accessible formats. AFT may include but are not limited to: braille, audio, large print and electronic format. After being approved for AFT as an accommodation there are several steps you will need to complete.

In this section you will find helpful information on how to:


ASL/ CART Services


Reporters trained in real-time verbatim transcription, contracted and supervised by ASL Administrator, transcribe class, lectures or conference information for students for deaf or hard-of hearing. 

When requesting for services students have the option from the following:

  • On-Site Captioning
  • Remote Captioning


American Sign Language (ASL) and oral interpreters contracted and supervised by ASL Administrator for students who are deaf or hard-of hearing.

How do I request services?

Students looking to request services will need to fill out the Interpreting/Captioning service request form no later than 5 business days before the scheduled event or class. The Office of Disability Services may not be able to process a request submitted later than the required time.