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Rutgers University is proud to be an Aira Access Partner! Get access to free visual interpreting services anywhere on the Rutgers New Brunswick campus simply by downloading the Aira app to your smartphone.

What is Aira?

Aira is a live, human-to-human visual interpreting service providing 24/7 services that ensure access to visual information.

How does it work?

Using the powerful combination of a camera and the Aira app on your device of choice, a professionally-trained agent will assist by visually interpreting what is in the camera’s view or shared on screen. From describing to reading, explaining to navigating – just about anything safely and securely. Aira operates 24/7/365 and supports service wherever there is an internet connection.

Who can use Aira?

Aira was originally created to provide on-demand visual interpreting for people with low vision or who are blind, but it is a service that can be used by anyone needing access to visual information. Some examples include students who have had a concussion and are struggling to read for long periods of time, someone who has lost their way on campus and is struggling with the online map, and so much more!

Why would I use Aira?

Anyone can use Aira for some of the following tasks and more!

- Reading class handouts/ course material

- Real time description of videos

- Description of diagrams/ graphics

- Reading signs/ bulletin boards

- Describing plays, concerts and sports

- Finding classrooms

How do I get started?

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1.    Download, Install and Open the Aira Explorer app.
2.    Select Sign in with Phone Number or Sign in with Email.
3.    A four digit numerical code will be sent via text or email.
4.    Enter this code to automatically log-in to the Aira app.
5.    You will need to accept the terms, and enable access to GPS, camera and microphone.
6.    Tap Call an Aira Agent to make your first call.


Additional Information

How do I get support with the Aira app?

The Aira customer care team is available at 1-800-835-1934, 7 days a week from 6am-6pm PST. You can also email

Do I need any special equipment to use Aira?

No, special equipment is not required. You simply need a device with a camera to download the app.

Can I use Aira off-campus too?

All Aira Explorers (Aira's term for their users) are able to get five minutes for free every 48 hours if they are not within an Aira Access zone. There are hundreds of locations where Aira can be used for free and a full list can be found on the Aira website.

If you find you need additional access to Aira off campus please contact the Office of Disability Services.

Can I use Aira at other Rutgers locations?

Right now Aira is only available at Rutgers- New Brunswick.

Who are Aira agents?

Aira agents are highly trained humans certified by Aira to provide immediate information to Explorers. Aira agents pass a background check and sign a non-disclosure agreement that requires them to maintain confidentiality about their engagement with each Explorer, and go through extensive training on orientation and mobility.

Which languages are supported?

Right now, English and Spanish are supported by Aira. Within your Aira profile, you can designate a primary and secondary language preference.