Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Office of Disability Services is dedicated to the philosophy that all Rutgers University students are assured equal opportunity, access and participation in the University’s courses, programs, activities, services and facilities.  We recognize that diverse abilities are a source of strength, empowerment, and enrichment for the entire university community and we are committed to the elimination of physical, instructional, and attitudinal barriers by promoting awareness and understanding throughout the university community.

Our Vision

The Office of Disability Services at Rutgers strives to become a model program for students with disabilities in higher education. We are committed to developing a comprehensively accessible and universally designed University that nurtures the full participation and contribution of every individual. Our team strives to provide the necessary tools, resources and supports for individuals with disabilities to become responsible decision-makers and self-advocates in charge of their own future. We envision a campus community where all individuals are welcomed, valued, and encouraged to be contributing members.

Our Values


  • ODS provides the necessary tools, resources and supports to ensure equal access to Rutgers courses, programs, activities, services and facilities.
  • We provide universal availability to services and educate the campus community on the importance of universal access.

Be Student Focused

  • To ensure that each and every student feels valued, understood and respected leading to a positive experience at Rutgers.
  • Provide each student with relevant information that connects to their unique needs in a prompt and efficient manner.


  • Create an atmosphere of civility, teamwork and open exchange within the department.
  • Connect and communicate with colleagues within the Rutgers community and beyond.