Faculty Portal FAQ's

I clicked on the link that ODS provided via email, and I see a list of my students who have letters of accommodation for my class. Do I need to do anything else to link myself to your database?

No, you are all set! Simply by clicking on the link we sent you, and logging in with your NetID and password, you have done what you need to do to link to our database.

Can I give my TA access to my faculty portal?

Your faculty portal is unique to you and your Net ID, so there is not a way to add someone else to it. However, you do have a couple options.

  1. You can request that students add your TA as a secondary instructor when they request their Letters of Accommodation. This will give your TA their own portal.

  2. You can forward the email from ODS with the Letter of Accommodation to your TA as you may have been doing in the past.


I lost the link that I was sent via email to access my faculty portal. Can I get another one sent to me?

The link that was emailed to you from ODS is a link unique to you. Please contact the Office of Disability Services for the campus where you are teaching, and they will be able to send you the link again.