Note Taking


  1. Students must first be registered with the Office of Disability Services and approved for note taking accommodations before arrangements can be made for a note taker.
  2. Students requesting note taking services must submit the online request form listing each course for which they require note taking services. Instructors will be contacted to verify that notes are not already provided through other sources (i.e., Sakai, professor’s own notes)
  3. Students are encouraged to submit their requests as early in the semester as possible.
  4. ODS will only be responsible for providing notes from the date the request is received.
  5. Students should be prepared to provide the following information for each course requested:
    1. Name of course
    2. Course code, section and index number
    3. Time and location of classes
    4. Professor’s name
    5. Professor’s e-mail

Available Tools

Your accommodation for note taking may be provided in one of the following methods:

  1. LiveScribe™ Pens
    The Office of Disability Services will have a limited supply of LiveScribe pens to provide to students. These pens can be loaned to students to use for all of their classes. LiveScribe pens record both the audio of lectures and the student’s own written notes, and the two are synced for convenient playback. Notes can then be stored and played back in a variety of applications, including Evernote and Google Docs. More information about the Livescribe pen can be found at
  2. Written notes by an in-class note taker
    An in-class note taker may be assigned to your class to record notes. The note taker will upload a copy of the notes with 24 hours of the conclusion of each class to an online folder. You can download the notes at your convenience from that folder.
  3. Notes provided by professor
    Some professors provide comprehensive notes for each class, eliminating the need for additional note taking assistance. These notes may take the form of PowerPoint slides, Sakai notes, or other formats. If we determine from the professor that additional notes are not necessary, then the instructor-provided notes will suffice for this class.
  4. Digital recorders
    Our office has digital recorders available for loan, if you do not wish to use the Livescribe pen but you still want to record the lectures.