Documentation Guidelines for a Medical Condition

For any disability or condition which impacts physical well-being, such as, but not limited to: impaired vision, impaired hearing, impaired mobility, diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, etc., the student is required to provide documentation of the disability/condition. Specifically, documentation must be provided on the physician’s office letterhead with his/her signature and contact information. The documentation must include all of the following:

  1. The name of the patient/student
  2. The name of the condition
  3. The severity of the condition (for example if the patient/student is visually impaired a Low Vision Evaluation Report is helpful)
  4. How the condition may impact the student’s ability to carry out normal everyday activities associated with attending college
  5. How long the condition is expected to persist
  6. Any additional information the physician thinks might be useful as it relates to providing reasonable accommodations