Rutgers flowers on campus
Everyone is talking about Rutgers joining the Big Ten Conference this past July for Division-I sports. However, what everyone should be talking about is that Rutgers joined the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC). The CIC is the "nation's premier education consortium of top-tier research institutions, including the Big Ten Conference members and the University of Chicago. Through collaborations, the CIC members save money, share assets, and increase teaching, learning and research opportunities." This is much more than a change in athletic conference. Rutgers will benefit from collaboration opportunities for students, faculty and staff, increase... Continued
Salome Heyward speaks to audiece at Rutgers
Salome Heyward visited Rutgers-New Brunswick on November 1 to discuss current issues in disability compliance and responsibilities of higher education institutions. Her presentation attracted more than 125 people, including Rutgers faculty, staff, and administration, as well as staff members from disability services offices at other colleges throughout New Jersey. The all-day event was divided into five topics – faculty and testing accommodations, accessible technology, recent litigation, housing, and lastly, a question and answer session for disability office personnel. The presentation was held on the Livingston Campus and streamed live to Newark and Camden campuses, and was hosted by... Continued
Anthony Bonelli in WRSU Studio
This story was published by Rutgers Today in October, 2012. Here is the link to the original story. Anthony graduated from Rutgers University in May. He will begin working as a consultant for Drew University’s men’s basketball program this September. You can follow his blog at Rutgers Student with Cerebral Palsy Taking a Shot at His Dreams Senior Anthony Bonelli is working toward a career in sports broadcasting By Andrea Alexander By age 4, Anthony Bonelli had fallen in love with sports,... Continued
Teletouch machine
Many stories and events related to people with disabilities never make it into the history books or shared public memories. Familiar concepts and events such as citizenship, work, and wars become more complicated, challenge our assumptions about what counts as history, and transform our connection with each other when viewed from the historical perspective of people with disabilities, America’s largest minority. Knowing these histories deepens understanding of the American experience and reveals how complicated history really is. In addition, when history comes through artifacts, distinct themes emerge—for example, the significance of place,... Continued
Livescribe smartpen
Did you ever look back at your class notes and ask yourself, "now, what exactly did the professor say there?" You stare at the notes on your page, trying to recall more details about what the professor said, details that you didn't get down on paper.  With the Livescribe™ smartpen, this problem will become a thing of the past. Your notes, and the professor's lecture, will be recorded and stored together for you to play back at any time. How does the pen work? The Livescribe pen captures everything you write and hear. Tap a spot on the Livescribe notepaper to begin recording, and your notes, diagrams, doodles - everything - are recorded along with the audio. The combined notes and audio can... Continued