Livescribe Smartpens - A New Way of Taking Notes

Livescribe Echo smartpenDid you ever look back at your class notes and ask yourself, "now, what exactly did the professor say there?" You stare at the notes on your page, trying to recall more details about what the professor said, details that you didn't get down on paper. 

With the Livescribe™ smartpen, this problem will become a thing of the past. Your notes, and the professor's lecture, will be recorded and stored together for you to play back at any time.

How does the pen work? The Livescribe pen captures everything you write and hear. Tap a spot on the Livescribe notepaper to begin recording, and your notes, diagrams, doodles - everything - are recorded along with the audio. The combined notes and audio can then be transferred to a variety of devices and applications, such as an Apple® iPad® or iPhone®, Google Docs, or Evernote®.

You can replay entire lectures, or just pick specific points in a lecture to review.

The smartpen requires the use of Livescribe notepaper, which is available online or in office supply stores, such as Staples. You can also print your own paper with a Postscript™ printer. The files are downloadable from their website.

For students who receive note taking accommodations in their classes, we are happy to announce that we have a supply of these pens in our office for your use. The pens are supplied with one notebook of Livescribe notepaper to get you started.

The Livescribe smartpen will change the way you take notes. Learn more by visiting the Livescribe website. After you take a look at the videos and tips, contact our office to take one for a test drive.