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In the summer of 1990, President George H.W. Bush signed into law ground-breaking legislation created to improve the lives of people throughout the United States. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandated for the first time that individuals could not be discriminated against because of their disability. This broad civil rights law paved the way for individuals with disabilities to receive the same opportunities and experiences as their abled peers in all aspects of public life including education, employment, and the community. The act extends beyond the customarily visible accommodations, such as accessible ramps and parking... Continued
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Mathew Valentine is in his junior year here at Rutgers University. He graciously agreed to find time in his impressively busy schedule to sit down for an interview with the Office of Disability Services. Matthew’s story, like most, began at birth. Although in Matthew’s case, the world welcomed him at 27 weeks - three months premature and weighing just slightly over a pound. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) when about three months old, and has since undergone almost twenty surgeries. The muscles in his lower limbs are most affected. Matthew explained that those muscles are in a constant state of contraction and... Continued
Jorge Schement
Jorge Schement, Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Inclusion at Rutgers University, sat down with the Office of Disability Services and shared his experiences of growing up challenged by language, his disabilities, and diversity. Jorge began by explaining the two wars that shaped his life: the Mexican Revolution, which drove his maternal grandparents to the US circa 1915, and World War II, where his parents met in 1946 at a canteen in a military hospital where his father was stationed. Jorge moved in with his grandparents in San Antonio, Texas, when he was two, after his parent’s divorce. When he was eight he enrolled in a parochial school where Irish nuns introduced him to... Continued
Rutgers flowers on campus
Everyone is talking about Rutgers joining the Big Ten Conference this past July for Division-I sports. However, what everyone should be talking about is that Rutgers joined the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC). The CIC is the "nation's premier education consortium of top-tier research institutions, including the Big Ten Conference members and the University of Chicago. Through collaborations, the CIC members save money, share assets, and increase teaching, learning and research opportunities." This is much more than a change in athletic conference. Rutgers will benefit from collaboration opportunities for students, faculty and staff, increase... Continued
Salome Heyward speaks to audiece at Rutgers
Salome Heyward visited Rutgers-New Brunswick on November 1 to discuss current issues in disability compliance and responsibilities of higher education institutions. Her presentation attracted more than 125 people, including Rutgers faculty, staff, and administration, as well as staff members from disability services offices at other colleges throughout New Jersey. The all-day event was divided into five topics – faculty and testing accommodations, accessible technology, recent litigation, housing, and lastly, a question and answer session for disability office personnel. The presentation was held on the Livingston Campus and streamed live to Newark and Camden campuses, and was hosted by the... Continued