New for fall at ODS

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) welcomes all of Rutgers University’s students to a new year! We hope that your summer vacation has been relaxing and you are ready for the start of the semester. For returning students, you will discover many exciting new changes when you come back to Rutgers this fall. New students, you are coming here at a time as we are introducing the latest innovations and practices to assist you through your college experience. Every one of these changes has been designed with you in mind, to provide you with the most efficient and thorough services.

Here are just a few of the things ODS has been working on recently...

FIRST - a new website! Totally redesigned from the ground up, this website will be your resource for all things related to our office. The new website comes with a new URL, as well:

In addition to notifications you receive from Sakai, our office will now be posting important news and events, like career fairs, on our site. Of course, we will also share this on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so be sure to follow us.


Our office has completely transformed all of our forms into web-forms, which can now be filled out from any computer or mobile device. These forms will be sent to our office when you hit the “submit” button; no need to download, save and print your forms!


Our office is dedicated to removing barriers you may have to reaching us. Beginning this semester all of our coordinators will be reachable via text message and Skype. To learn more about doing this, please contact your coordinator.


This past spring, we welcomed our new executive director. Learn about Bill Welsh here, and please say hi and introduce yourself if you see him around campus.

On behalf of the entire ODS staff -- Welcome back to Rutgers! We’re excited to see you again!