Interpreter Student Responsibilities and Policies Agreement

These policies are intended to assist the Office for Disability Services, ODS, its service providers and registered students in the orderly and efficient operation of providing American Sign Language Interpreting services.


Every effort will be made to provide Interpreters for students who request these services. Students must have completed the appropriate forms and provided documentation of their disability to ODS.


Student Responsibilities:
When requesting interpreters, student responsibilities are to:

  • Contact your Coordinator and obtain a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) every semester that you are requesting classroom accommodations.
  • Have the Interpreter introduce him/herself to the professor/instructor on the first day of class and explain his/her role.

Provider Commitment:
Each Interpreter is committed to work for the entire semester. Interpreters will not be changed unless there is a compelling reason, and approval of ODS is required.


Submit Online Interpreting Service Request:

Submitting your request early is your best assurance of receiving interpreting services promptly. The requests must be received within 5 business days (not including holidays and weekends). Switching sections or making schedule changes may present problems in providing services in a timely manner. Please refer to the link for online requests:


Interpreters are expected to arrive 15 minutes before class begins. You are responsible for notifying ODS if your Interpreter is late or misses a class.


If the Interpreter reports to an assignment and the student fails to show, the Interpreter must wait fifteen minutes for a class which is up to one hour in duration and twenty minutes for any class over an hour in length. This will confirm the no-show. Interpreters are required to report student no-shows immediately to ODS so that student absences can be monitored.


As tests are announced, students should determine if the Interpreter would be needed for that class period. Students should inform the Interpreter if their services will not be required for the testing period. All final exam services are per request only. If the student would like an Interpreter for a final exam, the student must contact ODS two weeks in advance.


If interpreting services have been requested, and you know that you will be unable to attend class, you must provide ODS with at least 24 hours advanced notice so the Interpreter can be informed. In some situations, students may not be able to provide 24 hours’ notice, and these type of situations will be reviewed by ODS. Failure to provide any advanced notice is considered a "No-Show". To give advance notice, a student should text Marie Lisa at (848) 203-2366 or email the ODS office at


Failure to provide notice will result in the following actions:


1. First "No-Show": A letter or email will be sent to remind the student of the policy and appropriate procedures.


2. Second "No-Show": Services will automatically be temporarily suspended and a letter or email will be sent to the student informing him/her of the policy and the appropriate procedure. Services will remain suspended until the student makes an appointment and meets with Marie Lisa to discuss reinstating services.


3- For each subsequent "No-Show": Services will automatically be suspended and a letter or email will be sent to the student informing the student of the policy and the appropriate procedures. The services will remain suspended until the student makes an appointment and meets with Marie Lisa.


In the event that an Interpreter is unable to attend a class for any reason, ODS will attempt to find a replacement Interpreter. ODS will provide the student with a digital recorder to be utilized in the unlikely event that the Interpreter is late or fails to provide services on a given day. Please note that ODS may not be aware the Interpreter is absent, especially in unpredictable events such as car problems, traffic, weather conditions, etc. If an unforeseen event occurs, the student should tape record the lecture and provide ODS with the tape as soon as possible. ODS will have the tape transcribed in a reasonable amount of time.


Communication Between Student and Interpreter:
If you have problems with your Interpreter that you are unable to resolve, please contact Marie Lisa at Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the problem(s) quickly and fairly.


Requests for Services Outside Class:
Meetings with professors, academic advisors, university officials, etc. require students to give ODS a minimum of forty-eight hours advance notice in view of the difficulty in scheduling Interpreters. An effort will be made to fulfill requests made on short notice, with the understanding that Interpreter may not be available.

If you have any questions about services, or about your rights and/or responsibilities, please contact the Office for Disability Services at (848) 445-6800