Level Two Grievance Form

If the student is unable to resolve the matter with the Coordinator, the student and the Coordinator should forward a request to the Director of Services for Students with Disabilities for an informal resolution. In the event that the student is dissatisfied with the informal resolution, he/she may file a Level Two grievance, using the Level II Grievance form at the end of this section.

The request for review must be filed within twenty (20) business days of the final response of the Coordinator to the student’s request. The Director of Disability Services shall investigate the matter and issue a written decision within ten (10) business days after receiving the complaint. The Director and the student may mutually agree on an exact extension of time if additional information gathering is necessary.

If you believe that you have been the subject of discrimination on the basis of your disability, in violation of Rutgers University's policies, please outline below the name of the staff member, department or office and the manner of discrimination.
If the nature of your grievance pertains to your approved accommodations, please outline the accommodations you had requested, and how it failed to meet your expectations.
Please describe your coordinators response to the above situation.
If despite your coordinators intervention, you are still not satisfied with the resolution or lack thereof, please describe why.