Note Taker FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Note Takers

Before reading, please also check our Note Taker Instructions page.

How do I activate my Box account?

You can activate your Rutgers Box account at

I activated my Box account, but it’s telling me my login credentials are invalid. What should I do?

You’ll need to reach out to Box support/Rutgers ITS services. If you go here:, their contact information is at the bottom of the page.

I was hired 3 weeks into the semester. Do I need to provide notes from the previous classes?

Yes, you should upload to Box all notes from the beginning of the semester unless instructed otherwise in the confirmation.

What if our class watches a film in class or goes on a field trip?

The answer to this will vary by situation. Consider whether the activity may be referenced in a future exam or if the information presented is background material for the course. At the very least, a synopsis of the event should be provided.

Notes from recitation would be really helpful. Can I upload those as well?

You will be matched with a student receiving notes only based on being in the same lecture, meaning the student may not be in your recitation. For this reason, we only ask note takers to upload notes from lecture as notes from recitation may not apply to the student receiving notes.

Do my notes have to be typed?

It may state in your confirmation email that notes have to be typed. However, in most cases, notes just have to be legible, so if your handwriting and note taking style is neat and organized, handwritten notes are fine (as long as they are uploaded as PDFs).

Can I take a picture of my notes and upload that?

You can upload a picture of your notes, as long as the pictures are clear and uploaded as PDFs. Another easy way to upload a PDF is to use a scanner app (i.e. Cam Scanner or Box Capture, among others). With these, you can scan a PDF directly on your smart phone.

Are the notes that I have uploaded satisfactory?

Your notes may look great to us, but the quality and clarity of the notes is ultimately determined by the student receiving them. If we are notified of any issues or get any requests for changes from the student, we will let you know. Otherwise, you can assume no news is good news.

I am an international student. What do I need to do to become a note-taker?

First, you must attend an Online Employment Workshop for the Center for Global Services in order to begin the process of getting a Social Security card. You can find the link to register for the online workshop here:

After attending the workshop you will have to request for Employment Verification Letter & International Payroll form. 

After you attend that workshop you will need to set up an appointment with Helene Peters in our office to be added to the payroll system. You will need to bring with you the documentation as required in the attached forms, and in particular: 

  • I-20
  • I-94
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • International payroll form
  • Social security card (if you have one)

These are items needed to complete the hire and I-9. Dates and numbers are needed from all of them.

I already work in another office on campus; do I need to submit my W-9 to you again?

Yes, we still need to receive a copy of your W-9 for our office.

How do I complete the W-9? Who should I contact if I have questions about how to fill it out?

You can find additional information about the W-9 on the IRS website: A quick Google search about how to complete a W-9 may also be helpful. If you still have additional questions please contact a tax professional.

Does my W-9 need to be printed?

Your W-9 needs to be signed, so if you have a device that allows you to sign it digitally, it does not need to be printed. However, typing your name in the signature box is not a valid signature, so if you cannot sign it digitally, it will need to be printed, signed, and scanned.

Is my note-taking stipend considered taxable income?

Each case varies, so we strongly encourage you to consult a tax professional about if the stipend would be considered taxable income for you.

How am I paid for taking notes?

Note takers are paid at the end of the semester for which they took notes in a $210 stipend. This stipend is for a full 15 weeks of lecture notes and will be prorated based on how many notes were uploaded. Compensation for note-taking will be paid through funds deposited to your RU EXPRESS account after the end of the semester. The funds deposited are subject to the terms and policies of RU EXPRESS. To review those terms and policies visit the RU EXPRESS website at

Where can I use the $210 stipend?

The money will be loaded into your account and can be used anywhere RU EXPRESS is accepted. You can find a list of participating locations here:

I’m a graduating senior so how will I use the funds?

The funds should be deposited to your account the week of finals, and can be used immediately and up to 18 months after you graduate for things such as purchasing a diploma frame at the bookstore, or taking family and friends out to eat at one of the many establishments on and off-campus where the money is accepted.

Is there any other way that I can be compensated?

No, RU Express is our only form of compensation.

Additional questions

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