Certification of Medical Need for Parking/Transportation

The Department of Transportation Services provides a comprehensive transit system which serves all destinations on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campuses. All of our campus buses are equipped to handle mobility impaired individuals with low entrance steps and/or mechanical platforms for wheelchair accessibility. The average walking distance from each transit stop to classroom or residential facilities is 1⁄8 – 1⁄4 miles or a 2-5 minute walk. The duration of a transit trip between campuses averages from 5-20 minutes. Parking decks and lots are also centrally located to academic and residential areas also averaging a 2-5 minute walk.


Dear Physician:

Your patient is making an application for medical authorization for accessible parking or for use of van service on the New Brunswick/Piscataway campus of Rutgers University. Parking and van services at Rutgers is extremely limited, but we are dedicated to meeting the needs of our students, faculty, and staff with legitimate medical reasons for special parking. Please complete the following form in its entirety. Every effort will be made to honor legitimate requests for the benefit of your patient. Abuse of the system for medical permits will threaten the viability of the system for everyone.