An Overview of the Alternate Format Text Agreement

Alternate Format Text (AFT) Agreement

The following are polices regarding the use of AFT through our office that you must review and then sign to show understanding and agreement.

  1. I am a student currently enrolled with Rutgers University, the State University for New Jersey and am registered with their Office of Disability Services, to whom I have provided documents verifying my disability which prevents me from using the print version of the book 
  2. I will purchase the alternate format version, if the print material is available for purchase from the publisher or other re-sale entity in an alternate format that I can use, please note that The Office of Disability Services WILL NOT reproduce material that is available for purchase in an alternate format that meets the student’s needs
  3. I affirm The Book in Alternate Format/ Electronic File is for use by me in connection with a course in which I am currently registered and for which the Book Electronic File is required or suggested reading for successful completion of the course
  4. I will purchase a print copy in accordance with copyright laws of the book/books/materials requested. I will supply proof of purchase if asked.
  5. I will use the book in Alternate Format/ Electronic File solely for my own educational purposes.
  6. I will not copy, duplicate, or distribute the book in Alternate Format/ Electronic File for use by others, for monetary gain or any other purpose, in compliance with the Copyright Revision Act of 1976, as amended (17 U.S.C SEC 101 et. Seq.)
  7. I understand that the violation of any of the above agreement may be considered a violation of the university’s Code of Conduct and may result in penalties. Violations may also constitute a violation of federal and/or state laws and may result in civil or criminal prosecution, payment of fines or other monies to the copyright holder, and/or incarceration
  8. Failure to pick up or access materials by the end of the semester may result in suspension of this accommodation.
  9. Inform ODS immediately if there are any problems with the alternative formats provided.
  10. The alternate format provided is intended for your personal use only, and it is a copyright violation to sell or reproduce the alternate format. If you plan to retain the original course reading materials, then you do not need to delete the alternate format. If you sell your course reading materials, then you will be required to delete the alternate format.