Final Exams

Important Information for Students and Faculty

  • Friday, April 13, 2018, will be the last day for any student registered with our office to submit their exam requests for all remaining exams this semester, including finals. Our office will not accept any requests after this date.
  • Students who are unsure of the date/time or location of their exam should submit their exam request at minimum with the date/time the University has scheduled your exam, which can be found at:
  • Any student who has a time conflict (due to another exam or class which overlaps with yours) has until Wednesday, April 18, 2018, to speak with both professors involved and notify us of the resolution. In most cases this is solved by one professor agreeing to allow the student to take the exam at a different time or day.
  • Math exams need to be scheduled for the date your class is taking their exam. If you have a conflict with another class, we do have a math conflict date.  Make sure exam requests are submitted for both classes by the deadline and we will move the math exam to the conflict date.
  • Students who have not done so already must request their Letter of Accommodations (LOA) for this semester, and submitted the LOA to their professors.


Additional notes for Faculty:

Help us spread the word:

Please help us spread the word to students by posting the following on your sakai (or other LMS) site:

“Students approved for accommodations with the Office of Disability Services must submit their exam requests for all remaining exams, including finals, through the online request form by April 13, 2018 11:59pm.”

Submit your exam as soon as possible:

Faculty have many ways they can submit their exam to us including through our secure online upload. You can also feel free to drop off a copy or email your exam to

What happens if students miss the deadline?

After the deadline the request form will be no longer visible on our site, so you may be getting questions from students about what they should do now (if they missed the deadline). We wanted to provide you with some options you may want to consider:

  • Making Accommodations for the student. You are always welcomed to accommodate the student on your own but please know due to the high volume of exams we unfortunately, will not be able to assist you with finding a room, or a proctor. If you are unable to accommodate the student on your own, please consider some of the other options below:
  • Rescheduling your exam. Many of the professors we work with, have offered students the option to receive a T grade until they are able to make up the exam – generally during the winter break. In cases like this, our office may be able to assist.
  • Share resources with other professors. Not all professors have T.As, or G.As and not all departments have conference rooms, or quiet office space. By working together or with other departments, you may be able to come up with other options.
  • Have the student take it with the class. It is the students’ responsibility to notify you of their need and submit exam request forms to ODS in a timely manner. If they failed to submit their exam request on time it is acceptable to tell the student they must take the exam with the class without accommodations.

We all want to help students succeed and do the best that they can in their final exams. Sometimes you may have other students in your class taking the exam with us, and the temptation is to request that we add a latecomer to the arrangements. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources (rooms, proctors) to add on any late arrivals. Additionally, we do not want to penalize a student who did follow our procedures by overcrowding or compromising their exam experience.