Exam Upload

This page is for instructors and/or their assistants to securely upload exams for accommodation through our office. Please complete all of the information requested below and upload your exam.

Please note if you ask for delivery of a completed exam we will not take responsibility for it, once it has been signed for and handed over at the designated address, or put into campus mail.  We do not make and keep copies of completed exams in order to keep the integrity of the exams intact.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at 848-445-4423.

The following questions apply to the conditions for administering this exam.

The amount of time that the class will have for the exam. ODS will calculate the extra time for students taking their exams with us, in accordance with their approved accommodation.
YesYes, with restrictions - see commentsNoNot applicable
Are calculators allowed? *
Are computers allowed? *
Open books or open notes? (explain in comments) *
Is scrap/scratch paper allowed? *
Is a Scantron required? (complete next section) *
The same version of the exam can be used for multiple students *