2017 Best Poster Winners Announced

Thanks to the efforts of Rutgers graduate students, staff, and corporate judges, the Aresty Research Center evaluates the poster presentations at our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

This year the top posters were chosen from three broad categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We have awarded three prizes in STEM this year due to the high quality and excellent work of the students. We’re excited to announce our winners for 2017. Congratulations to these Best Posters and Honorable Mentions from the 13th annual Undergraduate Research Symposium!


Max DuBoff
New Evidence on the Papal Son Giacomo Boncompagni and Citizenship in Late Renaissance Rome
Advisor: T. Corey Brennan, Classics

Social Sciences

Shannon Mari and Rutvi Patel
Promoting Reasoning and Conceptual Change in Science
Advisors: Clark Chinn, Education Psychology and Ravit Golan Duncan, Learning & Teaching, GSE


Andrea Banu
Effects of Exercise on Neurocardiac Responses to a Sad Mood Induction in MDD
Advisor: Brandon Alderman, Kinesiology and Health

Elizabeth Nand
Structural Studies of Murine Leukemia Virus Integrase Protein
Advisor: Monica Roth, Pharmacology

Sarah Salter
Encapsulation of Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Alginate for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis
Advisor: Rene Schloss and Martin Yarmush, Biomedical Engineering

Honorable Mention: Humanities

Hala Alhosh, Ashley Lameiras, and Tudor Tarina
The Fall of the House of Medici
Advisor: Alessandro Vettori

Emily Ali, Bohong Chen, and Ian Stuart
World Languages at Rutgers
Advisor: Alexander Pichugin

Eloise Gayer
Approaches to Memory from Antiquity to Present
Advisor: Amy Cooper

Jonathan Vides
Recovering the Voices of Rutgers Puerto Rican Student Activists
Advisor: Yolanda Martinez San Miguel, Carlos Decena, and Kathleen Lopez

Honorable Mention: Social Sciences

Eva Bahrami
Assessing Hepatitis C Virus Prevalence, Treatment, and Treatment Barriers in New Jersey Drug Users
Advisor: Stanley Weiss and Daniel Rosenblum                                             

Janelle Raymundo
Distributed Questioning: Effect of Reading Comprehension vs Retrieval Questions on Exam Performance
Advisor: Arnold Glass

Daniel Robinson
Using a Binocular Rivalry Paradigm to Assess Preferential Processing and Self-control Among Dieters
Advisor: Shana Cole

Janisha Rodriguez
Patterns of Sociological Disparities in Medication Receipt Among Youth in US Outpatient Mental Health Services
Advisor: Kathleen Pottick

Chandni Shah
Identity Safety Cue Transfers: Buffering Against the Negative Effects of Stereotype Threat
Advisor: Diana Sanchez

Christina Stamat
Geoinformatics for Environment and Evolution in the Turkana Basin, Kenya
Advisor: Craig Feibel

Honorable Mention: STEM

Neven Abdo
The Effect of Hormonal Manipulation on Parental Behaviors Elicited by Offspring Vocal Cues
Advisor: Mimi Phan

Anna Baker
Assessing Growth Rates of Quercus rubra within Heterogenous Soils of an Urban Brownfield
Advisor: Frank Gallagher and Allyson Salisbury

Juan Cerezo
Screening the Library of FDA Approved Drugs for Inhibitors of Bacterial Iron-Sulfur Cluster Assembly
Advisor: Jeff Boyd

Alexia Ciarfella
Characterization of Gelation Kinetics of Gelatin Using Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Advisor: Rahul Chib, Maria Corradini, and Richard Ludescher

Marcin Ciesla
Bisphenol S and Bisphenol A Exposure Alters Lipid Deposition and Morphometric Endpoints following Embryonic Exposure in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
Advisor: Lori White

Vincent Clementi
Testing the Benthic Foraminiferal B/Ca Proxy in a Hydrothermal Vent Environment to Determine its Validity under Extreme Conditions
Advisor: Elisabeth Sikes

Justine Gabion
Evaluating 5'-Fluorouracil Sensitivity of Centromere and Kinetochore Proteins in Fission Yeast
Advisor: Nancy Walworth

Aditya Hubliker
Cardiac Tissue Remodeling During Long  Duration Space Travel and Heart Failure
Advisor: Gary Drzewiecki

Jessica Kaminskyj
Surface Properties of Plant Seeds and their Compatibility with Dietary Fats
Advisor: Paul Takhistov

Allysa Kemraj
Understanding the Impact of Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Mutations on Collagen III Structure
Advisor: Cody Hoop

Christopher Kim
The Mechanism of Suppression of Oncogenic Tripartate Motif (TRIM) Fusion Proteins by Arsenic
Advisor: Gaetano Montelione

Katherine Kim
Modulation of Cell Attachment, Proliferation, and Angiogenesis by a Connective Tissue Matrix (CTM)
Advisor: Joachim Kohn

Om Kothari
Differential Levels of Differentiation in the Intestine Determine Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility
Advisor: Michael Verzi

Connor LaMontagne
Interactions of Sediment and Anaerobic Microbes with Safranin Dye and Related Compounds
Advisor: Lily Young

Jane Peterken and Lyra Saranglao
Permeability Tests of Pervious Concrete
Advisor: Husam Najm and John Hencken

Michael Rallo
Blood Brain Barrier Maintenance and Disruption Following Injury is Mediated by Gli1+ Cells
Advisor: Michael Matise

Sam Sohn
Augmented Intelligent Agents
Advisor: Mubbasir Kapadia

Marc Yorker
Targeting RET Tyrosine Kinase Using the CRISPR/Cas9 System in Prostate Cancer
Advisor: Justin Drake and Zhen Li

Carolyn Zhu
Evaluating the Implementation of Interprofessional Education in Top Pharmacy School Curriculums
Advisor: Michael Toscani